Pensimple Grinder


PenSimple direct grind mode is extremely portable at only 3.5″ long and 1″ wide. Quickly and securely get your herbs where you want them to go.

Remove the dispense section and attach the bottom grind teeth to the point piece to grind your herbs directly into your consumption device. Simply load, point, grind; and your fresh ground herbs will go exactly where you want them.

GRIND – Manually grind your favorite herbs in the grind chamber. PenSimple Direct is a herb grinder and portable storage vault

STORE – PenSimple Direct has more than 2 teaspoons of storage for your favorite herbs. PenSimple Direct is spill proof while staying virtually water proof.

DISPENSE – Precisely dispensing your herbs has never been easier. PenSimple Direct can consistently and accurately dispense your herbs by lightly tapping the cap piece while holding the PenSimple Direct diagonally.

QUALITY MATERIALS – PenSimple Direct is made of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. This allows the unit to be lightweight while also being extremely durable. The unique and sturdy design of the grind teeth ensure a device that can last years.

MODULAR DESIGN – PenSimple Direct has removable grind teeth thus giving you 2 distinct modes: Grind or Storage.

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