A Trusted Legal Provider of Saskatchewan Cannabis

Don’t be fooled – there are groups out there who claim to be legal that aren’t. We have a valid cannabis retail permit and source only Health Canada approved products from licensed producers.


100% Hosted, Processed and Handled in Canada

Everything on our website and in our store is hosted, processed and handled with trusted Canadian providers.  We take your privacy very seriously, and none of our customer information ever crosses the border.

Saskatchewan owned

We are proud to be 100% Saskatchewan owned. Profits from our stores go towards economic development for 13 First Nations in our province.


Customer Care

We’re friendly, knowledgeable and discreet. We walk you through our line-up of quality cannabis products in a comfortable setting where you’re free to ask questions, get the facts, and choose products that fit what you’re looking for.


Every one of our strains is regulated, sourced from Federally approved producers, and carefully selected for quality.


Commitment to Community

We’re homegrown in Saskatchewan. Around here, being a good neighbour means helping others when you can. That’s why we partner with local organizations to improve the quality of life in our communities.